We help entrepreneur focus their efforts to reach their goals.

We develop all the tools needed for entrepreneurial succes.

We help people identify their potentials 

If your goal outreach your experience we will guide you in learning the right skill set.

You are welcome

We add value to ordinary people's lives...


we just wanted you to know we welcome you to our family.

We are a community based platform. Built from you for you.

We add value to ordinary people’s lives, and help them find the extraordinary in them.

Your success is our success. We are a group of ordinary people committed to extraordinary goals 

Being part of the community feels like being part of a very large family.

A large family of people with enthusiastic drive, inspiring ideas and extraordinary goals.

Being community oriented means we all grow as a team, but we are also individually focused.

If your interest is pointing you to develop skills that our community does not have experience on, don’t worry we got you covered.

No matter what you are looking for we can do it together.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Why IT Advice is the team you want to be part of?

The founders created this community on the realization that so much of someone success has to do with the people who surround them.

We embraced that philosophy and committed to get like-minded people to connect. We value the extraordinary results that people can achieve when working side by side with other ordinary individuals like them.

People that are oriented toward a common goal, are capable of impossible things.

We are involved with all members personally, we work hard to create tools that solve the needs of each individual, and we make it available for all the member interested…READ MORE►

What people said about us

Our Succes stories

I had a lot of ideas while developing my business, a lot more that I needed, I found very helpful having someone to express my frustration, someone to ask advice, it's helpful to have a different point of view especially if it comes from someone who ca relate...
Creating a brand is hard, but the adventure gets to be more pleasant if you are sharing the journey with other motivated people. I'm thankful to be part of this innovative community. I learned from other and had the chance to contribute on others succes. Just what i was looking foor Groth and the chance of being helpful and appreciated.
I was working 9-5 office job, and there was no day I would wake up without that feel of disappointment. All the effort to be the best employee of the month never made me feel fulfilled. I found new life when I got to experience that healthy competition between two people committed to build something great.
John Doe