Website Development – The checklist

Let’s get started…

First of all i want to start this article clarifying that there is not a generic check list that will work for all kinds of website. Different businesses has different needs depending how they relate to their customers and the way they deliver their services.

Always ask help to an expert to minimise the risk of spending resources and energy in the wrong direction. Remember the right strategy is also the less expensive.

Even if not all cases are the same the information you will need to provide your developer can be included in a check list that will give you a starting point.


 – Website Name
 – Logo Design
 - Company name
 - Description of your business and your services
 – High-Quality Images for Website

This information will be only the begin to a consultation. Your developer at this point will be able to ask you more specific questions and he will be able to give you options. Finding with you the perfect strategy that will bring you closer to your customers.

it’s important to work with your developer and explain as clear as possible the dynamic of your business.


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